Mission Statement

Our Mission is to inspire and educate children around the world delivering the very best and highest quality electronic learning tools.


“We Are Creators of children’s educational mobile apps to assist learning in a fun and interactive way”.

iKidsABC is part of the digital design studio at Section 31 Pty Ltd, designing learning experiences for children. With the assistance of Byron the Bear your children are provided a fun and educational experience. iKidsABC provides a learning platform for every child.

iKidsABC has commitment to children and education around the world. We believe that both the child and the educators alike must have access to the highest quality learning tools.  These tools are developed and delivered by the most up to date and technologically advanced means today available, inspiring learning in a fun environment.

“Our vision is simple, to build high quality educational and fun applications that encourage learning through playing.”

Our educational apps are specifically designed to assist reading and learning.  These Apps have been designed for emerging readers to build pre reading skills, remediate eye tracking problems.  Many students have eye tracking difficulties, which may be undiagnosed,  this leads to difficulties acquiring reading skills and is often misdiagnosed as dyslexia.  Visual tracking difficulties can be part of a dyslexic profile but for many children it is not related to dyslexia and is possibility developmental delay.

The Apps have been designed to facilitate error less learning.  Students are prompted to the correct answer to ensure comprehensive learning of the skill.


Both the Visual Tracking and Visual Constancy applications have been designed to be simple to use, with a zero tolerance for error, giving you the confidence your children are actually learning.  Having reviewed many Apps for children, it became apparent that children could play an educational game and fail to learn anything, as they were able to proceed regardless of being correct or not.


iKids ABC is a joint venture partnership between Section 31 Pty Ltd and Tracy Ashbridge BEd (Hons), PG Dip in Dyslexia and Literacy, AMBDA.

Tracy Ashbridge is a leading expert specialising in students with Literacy and Numeracy difficulties for over 15 years. Her qualifications include BEd (Hons), PG Dip in Dyslexia and Literacy, Dyslexia Institute Maths Programme, Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association, Member of Australian Dyslexia Association and Certificate in Educational Coaching.

Training with the Dyslexia Institute in the UK and teaching in a variety of settings in both the UK and Australia she brings a wealth of experience to you via apps design.

There are many educational apps available; however, many are unsuitable for students with learning difficulties as they require students to draw on too many concepts at the same time. Also the range of apps for students with learning difficulties is small compared to the availability of general education apps.

Speaking at the launch of of the first two app for the iPad – Visual Constancy and Visual Tracking, Tracy commented:

I am very excited and extremely proud to be working with the great team at Section 31 in bringing these great apps to thousands of children. These two apps alone bring huge benefits to children, parents and teachers around the world. This is just the start, with the boom in iPhones, iPads and so on, the opportunities to help children with their learning is tremendous and we have huge programme ahead of us.

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