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Learning to Read with Byron – Visual Tracking Activities for Children


✭ Discover an easy and fun way to improve reading skills through the proven skill of Visual Tracking

✭ Designed by a specialist teacher with a Post Grad Diploma in Dyslexia & Literacy and a Graduate Certificate in ASD

✭ The best app for improving primary children’s reading skills in the app store

✭ Includes up to 40 individual games in the full version, using text from children’s stories

✭ Designed specifically for the iPad

Learning to read with Byron apps were created by Tracy Ashbridge, a well qualified and experienced teacher of students with learning difficulties, in conjunction with app developers Section 31 Pty Ltd.

For many years Tracy Ashbridge has been helping struggling readers and remediating reading problems. Teaching children to read is a vital life skill and for students with learning disabilities this requires additional resources to improve reading skills.

Learning to read with Byron – Visual Tracking is one of an evolving collection of apps designed to support children learning to read.

The main character is a bear called Byron, who makes the learning experience both visually appealing and fun!

Learning to read with Byron is a reading game, which specifically targets the development of visual tracking. It was created to provide reading apps for kids to develop their tracking skills. Many students are diagnosed with eye tracking problems and require specific visual tracking exercises and visual tracking activities. Tracking skills, or the ability to control the fine eye movements required to follow a line of print, are especially important in reading. Children with tracking problems will often lose their place, skip or transpose words, and have difficulty comprehending because of their difficulty moving their eyes accurately. Many are forced to use their fingers to follow the line because their eyes can’t.

Learning to read with Byron – Visual Tracking Activities for Children Features:

✭ Learn to track across the page from left to right, and return to the left for the next line
✭ Learn to discriminate specific letters within a text
✭ Improve your reading skills
✭ Errorless learning to increase speed and accuracy of learning
✭ Email your results to parents and teachers
✭ Build up your speed and accuracy
✭ Beat your own time
✭ A leaderboard to keep track of kids progress
✭ Designed for multiple student use
✭ Supports behavioural optometrist programmes

✭ Clean and simple interface
✭ Intuitive for children to use
✭ Hand drawn Byron the bear designed to be appealing to children
✭ Lite and full version available
✭ Full version is ad free

Designed for:

✭ Parents of children for use in the home
✭ Classroom teachers
✭ Specialist teacher for children with reading difficulties

Recommended ages: normally developing readers 3-6yrs, readers with reading difficulties up to 11yrs


The program is made up of short passages of text presented in small chunks. Students select the chosen vowel in sequence each time it is found in the text. The pages auto turn to enable the student to only focus on tracking for the chosen vowel.   There are a number of different texts for the students to work with.


Download the iApp:

Download the Visual Tracking App Read with Bryon here:


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